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Something special

MDF mounting grids by CFF


Special Solutions

Because one size does not fit all

When you need to produce precise, cost effective curved furniture, or panelling - slotted MDF or HDF boards are just perfect.

Precision slicing, carefully balanced spacing, and well defined depth make these solutions possible. Not only are these boards completely flexible, they can be glued into an installation template, or mounted directly.

At CFF we use a special sawing plant which slices the MDF or HDF boards in thicknesses up to a maximum of 12 mm, and lengths of up to 3000mm, and widths up to 1300 mm. Bespoke, imaged panels can also be slit, and can be individually tailored to your needs. You can also choose from a range of coatings too -  veneer, paper, and HPL can all be sliced.


Composite panels - a clever combination of materials

At CFF we have an extensive range of options depending on your application - just ask us for details. We can compress a number of products with HPL or CPL materials, to large scale formats - an exceptional 5500 mm in length, and 1300 mm in width.