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CFF Products

For more than just washrooms

Traditionally, "compact" (as out material is known as in the industry) has been associated with washroom, hygiene and sanitation sectors. Perhaps as a partition for sanitary units, or as a component of a sink, or toilet basin. At CFF we’ve revolutionised the concept, and application of compact.

Following rigorous testing and product evolution, the scope of possibilities for the use of compact are now limitless. Today, we manufacture architecturally unique elements for façades, wall cladding, store interiors and interior design. 

So you can really set your imagination free. At CFF our compact products are coming to life in the form of stand out desks, eye-catching reception areas, and intriguing cabinets.. bespoke, completely individual pieces of furniture. At a time where ‘bespoke’ and ‘personal’ are the by words of empowering design, CFF is continuing to raise the bar. The range of colours and patterns available are a true inspiration, and enable you to realise your vision time and again.