The Compact Plate

A fantastic material

Compact. Robust. Versatile. Compact Plates feature a strong core of compact laminates made up of resin-impregnated cellulose sheets, with decorative finishing layers to both top and bottom. These are pressed together under intense pressure and heat. The end result? A compact, aesthetically appealing product that can withstand moisture, heat, chemicals and mechanical stress.


Flexible and convenient handling

CFF’s Compact Panels are so easy to handle, manipulate, and install. They can be sawed, milled, drilled, grooved and glued. And threads can be cut directly into the material - threaded sleeves are really easy to use. The edges are absolutely fine after grinding too, but can also be painted to match corresponding bevels. Compact panels are manufactured in different thicknesses to suit your application.

Highly durable. Ultra thin.

Even at low thicknesses, the static load bearing capability of Compact Plate is several times higher than many other materials. A quality which adds even more strength to our innovative furniture and interior design solutions.