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Compact Panels

What are they?

Compact panels are a HPL (High Pressure Laminate) - composite. Created from multiple sheets of paper impregnated with a durable melamine resin. These layers are then pressed together at extreme pressure, and at an extremely high temperature. A protective finish is then applied to the panel.

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The compact specialists

‘Standing still, is a step backwards.’ Following an ethos of constant innovation and forward thinking, George Winkler and his team are always looking to new techniques and applications for our dynamic compact solutions. Today CFF products can be found everywhere.

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Forming. Folding?

In plain English please.

In contrast to Compact Forming, where the compact panel is curved within its natural flexing capacity. With Compact Folding, part of the core material is removed during production in order to achieve an almost rectangular angle. The results are truly impressive.

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More than a mere formality

Welcome to CFF

With an unrivalled range of compact solutions, at CFF we’re opening up a world of design potential, for every conceivable application - whatever your sector. The possibilities are endless.

CFF offers unique expertise in the handling and processing of compact solid-core material. We are privileged to be the only European company, with the exclusive license for Compact Forming for leading manufacturer FunderMax of Austria. So what can we achieve for you?

See for yourself!

  • Application possibilities? Almost unlimited.
  • The production? Absolutely unique.
  • Lifespan? Limitless.

The result?

Surprising. Contemporary. Unmissable.

What you do with your compact panels is down to your creativity! Depending on your application, individual need, and flare, your compact panels can be adapted to suit. Simple.

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Designers Saturday in Oslo

CFF’s ‘The Designers Saturday’ in Oslo has become the most important interior design platform for architects, interior designers and anyone interested in design in Norway.more


Nothing is impossible

Anything goes, literally. You conceive it, and we’ll create it. Any colour, any design - even your own bespoke design can be featured within our compact surfaces. more


Unleash your passion

At CFF we’ll help you realise your design potential. Talk to our design team direct for advice and guidance.more

Our promise?

More potential

To be innovative, creative, economical, and still achieve astounding results in interior and furniture design, you need two things. The right material. And the right partner.

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